Friday, September 27, 2013

It's a wrap!

An egg and spinach wrap that is! I just whipped up this delicious and hearty wrap for my quick brunch and I'm feeling more energized than before. I bought these Flat Out wraps recently at Wegmans and I'm hooked. This garden spinach light wrap was so flavorful and a great alternative to big bulky bread, plus one wrap has only 90 Calories and 9 grams of Fiber, Oh yea! I scrambled up four egg whites, including only one yoke, topped it with a mound of fresh spinach and Organic Cheddar cheese and yumo! This was the perfect energy boost to continue my bustling day!


4 eggs
Mound of fresh spinach
2 slices organic cheddar cheese
1 Flat Out Light Garden Spinach Wrap
Salt, pepper, Ketchup if desired


  1. This looks good Laura, I am inspired. I have been on a diet for a few weeks and was getting a little bored... :-)

  2. I hear ya! It's hard to keep creating new options, this one is delicious and my previous fritatta also. Glad you enjoyed it :)