Monday, July 25, 2011

Brennen's Steakhouse Neptune, New Jersey

If you're looking for an all around great meal and impeccable service than Brennen's Steakhouse is the spot for you. This past week my family and I went to Brennen's to celebrate my Mom's birthday and what a great night it was. We were a little hesitant because it is such a nice establishment and we are a large group, including four little ones. We made a reservation and requested to be seated in the least inconspicuous area. Once there the hostess kindly obliged and had us at a perfect table in the back, she even had coloring books and crayons for the kids. They were excited. While we looked over the menu we decided to start off with a couple bottles of wine from their extensive wine list. My father and I chose the Benziger merlot. While it was one of the less expensive merlots it was delicious, full bodied and smooth.

After the waitress read over the specials we decided to begin with a few appetizers. We ordered the calamari for the table and once it arrived it disappeared! It was the best calamari I have had in awhile. Cooked to perfection with crisp, delicate breading that surrounded the perfectly tender rings of calamari. So good you don't even need the marinara! We also ordered a few salads and soups. I decided to try the iceberg wedge. It came out resembling a mountain of iceberg lettuce topped with fresh crumbled gorgonzola, crispy warm bacon and velvety blue cheese dressing drizzling down the sides. The creamy dressing and salty bacon complimented each other very well. I did not realize the dinners came with a house salad as well, so instead I opted for the French onion soup. It was an additional charge but it was well worth it. The soup came out encased in a thick layer of sizzling cheese. Once I broke through the cheese I was greeted by a piping hot bowl of savory broth, sauteed onions and bread. Delish!

The waitress brought over the display tray to introduce us to the different cuts of beef. Even though I always know which once I am going to have, it still makes for a great presentation. I am always amazed at the Cowboy steak, it is the largest steak they have and it has to be at least 32 ounces! I resorted back to my usual favorite, the Filet Mignon. I ordered my Filet Mignon medium rare with a side of au poivre and garlic smashed potatoes. My steak was excellent, cooked to perfection charred, on the outside and tender and pink inside. The au poivre sauce was an excellent accompaniment, creamy with a peppery bite. My Mom decided to attempt the gargantuan Porterhouse. She thoroughly enjoyed it and we'll just say she had dinner for the next night!

Even though we were all very satisfied the kids, on the other hand, were waiting ever so patiently for dessert and the Happy Birthday. While we ordered coffee and our after dinner drinks we decided on a few desserts. The kids got ice cream with their kids meals and us adults split a creme brulee and a chocolate brownie sundae. The creme brulee is a classic and it was amazing! Topped with the brittle caramelized sugar layer with the cool, rich, custard underneath. Excellent blend. The brownie sundae was a hit with the kids. It came served with two large pieces of chocolate brownie and went seamless with the vanilla ice cream and whip cream.

We certainly enjoyed everything from soup to nuts at Brennen's. It is all around a great dining experience and a great place for any occasion. If you are feeling daring stop in and try the Cowboy steak, I can guarantee you won't leave hungry!

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