Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Langosta Lounge

     Nothing says Summer more than a sparkling display of fireworks and just recently my friend and I were able to enjoy just that. With the breezy nights of Summer rapidly coming to a close my friend and I decided to head down to the Asbury Park boardwalk for some great food, drinks and Summer fun. Every Wednesday Asbury Park has fireworks on the beach and what better place to enjoy them than my fave spot Langosta Lounge. We arrived later than expected and we were sadly informed that outdoor seating would not be available until after the fireworks. Apparently everyone had the same idea we did on such a beautiful evening. While we waited for our table to be prepared we grabbed a spot at the bustling bar and decided to enjoy an aperitif. On a hot day there is nothing better a chilled, crisp glass of Pinot Grigio. The wine came served in a casual steam less wine glass and was extremely refreshing. My friend opted for a Land Shark lager, a citrusy pale ale, light in flavor and went seemlessly with the beachy atmosphere
     We were seated at our table faster than expected and since neither of us was in a rush we decided to choose a sushi roll to start off and wait a few minutes before settling on dinner. I was ecstatic when my friend mentioned the Gidget Roll, as it is one of my favorites. The Gidget roll is filled with a crispy coconut shrimp tempura and topped with creamy avocado. The roll is an excellent combination of creamy and crunchy textures that meld together well. Langosta Lounge has such an eclectic menu and I always seem to revert back to my usual favorites, however this night I wanted to try something different. I came across the Sugar and Spice Short Ribs and decided I had to give them a whirl. My friend decided on the Sesame Seared Tuna served a cool rare. Another amazing choice and we agreed to share each dish. While we were enjoying our cocktails we heard the first boom of the fireworks go off and could see the sky light up from the tall glass windows. I was definitely not missing the fun so we went outside on the boardwalk to enjoy the display. While we stood there, in the warm Summer nights air, taking in the salty scents of the ocean and enjoying the colors and sounds of the fireworks, I got a great sense of happiness. Life really is all about enjoying the little things and it makes you realize how very fortunate we are to live where we do :) After the display ended we were eager to get back to our table and await our meals.
     The dishes came out presented beautifully and wafting with succulent aromas. My short ribs were sitting atop a bed of diablo mashed potatoes and served with sauteed summer vegetables. The boneless short ribs were so tender and juicy they fell apart to the touch. The sweet and savory glaze had a depth to it that added so many layers of flavor. At first bite your taste buds fill with the sweetness of a brown sugar and molasses glaze but then are greeted by a kick of subtle heat. The sauce was abundant too and went delightfully with the mashed potatoes. The Sesame Tuna was pan seared a perfect rare, with a light searing on the outside and a thick bright pink center inside, exactly how tuna should be served. The dish, as well, came over diablo mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. Tuna is such a light and healthy dish, perfect for a warm Summer night.
     My friend and I had a great beachy evening. Once again Langosta Lounge amazed me with its excellent service, impeccable dishes, and casual fun atmosphere. I am sad to see the Summer ending but I can guarantee I will be enjoying the tropical vibes of Langosta Lounge all year long! 

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