Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crabby Bills Restaurant, St.Pete Beach, Florida

Just recently I came back from my annual family vacation in sunny St. Pete Beach, Florida. We have been vacationing at the same spot for 20 years! Every year we visit our favorite dinner spot, Crabby Bills. Crabby Bills is located on Gulf Blvd in St. Pete directly on the beach with a great indoor restaurant and offers outdoor rooftop dining. Crabby Bills is a casual, family, and kid friendly atmosphere with a large game area located in the lobby next to the bar. While diners wait for their table they can entertain the kids while sipping on there favorite tropical libation.

This particular evening we had a 40 minute wait for dinner, which for a Friday night, is not bad. We kept the little ones busy with games and toys while we ordered drinks from the bar. I had a Bahama Mama, which was a delicious tropical choice and not to mention affordable. Being from New Jersey I am used to paying a lot more for drinks, so that was refreshing.

Once we got to our table located by the window, with an amazing view of the Gulf, our server greeted us and was very pleasant. We ordered the children's food, a number of appetizers including, fried pickles, raw oysters on the half shell, fried calamari and of course buffalo chicken tenders, for my brother in law, the land lubber. The food came out in perfect time as the kids were getting a little anxious. The oysters on the half shell, my favorite, great size and delicious, topped with lemon, horseradish and cocktail sauce, a definite must try. The fried pickles are cooked delicately and served with a ranch dipping sauce, amazing. The crunchiness of the breading plus the bitter pickle and tangy ranch dressing creates a party in your mouth.

After we enjoyed our appetizers, which by the way I already was getting full, our dinners came out. I ordered what I am most infamous for in my family, the Alaskan King Crab Legs. For $39.99 you get 1LB of crab legs and they are worth every penny. Large, succulent, sweet, crab served with drawn butter and lemon, it does not get better than that. They were so meaty and delicious I had to take some home for leftovers. I ordered green beans and I opted for the french fries as opposed to rice or baked potato, and they were an excellent choice. Crispy, crunchy, a perfect accompaniment to my delicate crab legs.

We were all too full for dessert, except the kids, who enjoyed their oreos while we were enjoying our dinner. Crabby Bills is an amazing experience. The place is full of life, casual, and fun. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, you can not forget about the photographer that comes around and takes a family picture for you. Which you can get framed or placed on a t-shirt or a mug in the Crabby Bills gift shop on your way out. All around Crabby Bills is an amazing dining experience for all families, hence the reason we have been going back for 20 years!


  1. This place sound great! Your description of the crab legs reminds me of the crab legs at Phillip's on the inner harbor in Baltimore, MD. The fried pickles sound absolutely yummy! I wonder if the Jersey Shore has a place comparible to would make a killing!

  2. Whoa, those are delicious dishes! Weew! Good food together with a great view make up a dinner that can't be forgotten. That's why, upon reading your blog, I felt that you simply had a great time. I hope I could also bring my family there, Laura. :)

    Cora Bullock

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