Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Station, Lambertville, New Jersey

     Friday of Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial kickoff of Summer and a group of us were heading out to dinner for our friends birthday. Keeping with the warm weather and Summer theme my friend wanted to sit outside and enjoy some drinks and food on the water. After considerable research, and issues with making reservations for 8 people on such a busy night, we arrived at The Station in Lambertville. Once we arrived we found out every Friday night they have fireworks over the lake. We were very pleased about this but then we found out they could only seat us inside due to the high volume and lack of turnover. We made the decision to wait for an outdoor table. We were only waiting about fifteen minutes when the extremely helpful manager and hostess made us aware our table was being prepared.
     Once we were seated, at what I would call the best seat in the house for viewing the fireworks, our server cheerfully greeted us and offered up a short list of specials and took our drink order. On a beautiful warm evening I chose to enjoy a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, crisp, delicate, with subtle hints citrus, it was perfect. My friends and I decided on ordering a bunch of appetizers instead of individual meals. This is an excellent idea if your not too hungry and saves on the wallet as well. We started off with two of the clam appetizers, which came served in a white wine scampi sauce. The clams were perfect size, not too large and chewy, nor so small you lose them in the broth. The appetizer was served with fresh crusty garlic tips, perfect for dipping into the delicious broth. Our second choice was the seafood trio which was a combination of succulent lobster mixed with fresh, creamy avocado, jumbo lump crab meat that was so fresh it did not even need a sauce and shrimp cocktail served with a side of cocktail sauce. I could have made a meal out of this myself! The birthday girl and I decided to share a bowl of the famous lobster and crab bisque. Being my first time there I was unaware of their bisque serving etiquette. The server came out with a bowl filled with chunks of lobster and crab meat and poured the hot, velvety soup over the seafood right in front of you. It was as good as it was fun! With 8 people of course there were some non seafood eaters so we also ordered a chicken caesar salad and let me tell you the croutons were fresh home made crunchy bites of goodness. There is nothing more accompanying to a caesar salad than a fresh baked garlicky crouton. The bruschetta trio was delicious as well, especially the kind with the finely diced artichokes mixed in.
     While we were enjoying our scrumptious fare and beautiful evening we heard the big bang and we knew it was time. Directly behind us was an explosion of vibrant, energetic fireworks lighting up the sky over the lake. It was the perfect accompaniment to a wonderful birthday celebration and kickoff of Summer weekend. We all opted out of dessert, except for the birthday girl. We had to embarrass her with the not so stellar Happy Birthday serenade! She was glad we did because the tartufo they brought out with the thick rich chocolate shell and creamy vanilla and chocolate ice cream in the center was delicious. Overall I was extremely pleased with the food, atmosphere and impeccable service at The Station. I will be visiting again to sample there dinner menu.

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