Thursday, September 20, 2012

Giada's Raspberry Tiramisu

I am a huge fan of traditional Tiramisu but when I stumbled across this Raspberry Tiramisu recipe on I had to test it out. Giada De Laurentiis created this recipe and it is a winner in my book! I made some slight adjustments, but all in all it turned out scrumptious. I could not find soft Lady Fingers at the store so I opted for the harder version. This turned out not to be a problem because the dessert requires refrigeration for at least 3 hours. The extra time allows for the ingredients to meld together. If you have time I recommend making this dessert the day before as it was even better the next day. The recipe recommends Grand Marnier for the orange liqueur however I opted for Triple Sec since we had it in the house. I am sure either liqueur would work out fine so use whatever you have available. Mascarpone cheese is the key ingredient added to the whipped topping to make the layer creamy and rich. If you are a fan of raspberries I highly recommend trying this recipe! It was light and sweet, perfect for your next party!     

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